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Due to the complexity of the animation, the hands were sculpted and cast separately from the body. Not only that, but since the hands go through so much wear and tear, having the hands separate from the body allows for replacement hands! Silicone molds were made and the armature, made from 24 gauge floral wire and brass tube, is registered carefully within the mold. The armature is painted to match the skin color, and the mold is painted with an outer color silicone and injected with an inner skin color (having two different silicone colors creates a more lively color to the skin). Details such as veins and blushing are silicone painted after they come out of the mold.

Then, to make the nails, plastic is poured into the hand molds to create a hard form. Nails are sculpted on top of the plastic hands and are then vacuum-formed. The plastic is painted with nail polish, cut, and glued onto the silicone nails.