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A plaster mold is made of the body sculpts, which do not have a head or hands because they were made separately. The armature is made with ⅛” wire, polycarbonate, and brass tube. The polycarbonate ribs and pelvis are lightweight but sturdy, which is perfect for the fly rig and tie downs. It also holds the ⅛” wire, which is like the skeleton of the body, together. The wrists ended in a brass tube so that the interchangeable hands, which also ended with a brass tube a size down from the wrist tube, could be inserted into the wrists.

For the silicone injections, the mold is first painted with a thin layer of the outer skin silicone color. Then the armature is placed into the mold and is injected with the inner skin color. Afterwards the details, such as veins or blushing, are silicone painted on. Fixing any issues on the body caused by wear and tear requires the pigmented silicone used during the injection, mixed with some silicone glue and fast catalyst.